Looking good indoors with LG

The 3D glasses

If you are looking for an excuse to wear shades indoors this summer, then the LG Cinema 3D glasses will have you seeing things in different tint. With frames and lenses made entirely from plastic, and with no need for a battery power supply, the glasses are lightweight and wear comfortably on the face.

Glasses included in the box

The LG Cinema 3D glasses included in the box.
(Credit: David Moffatt)

As the name suggests, the LG Cinema 3D Monitor and its glasses use a similar type of presentation technology that can be found at your local cinema. As such, when comparing the LG Cinema 3D glasses with the Real-D 3D glasses that you get at the movies, the LG glasses appear to be marginally lighter and more stylised to the contours of the face.

Hipster effect

The Hipster side effect.
(Credit: David Moffatt)

Hey, four eyes!

As a person who regularly wears prescription glasses, the option of any 3D viewing is often marred by the prospect of wearing two pieces of framed eyewear to enjoy 3D. Firstly, the prescription glasses I wear are designed for clarity and focus, and when the 3D glasses are over the top, I get the full 3D effect. Because of the added weight, I often leave the cinema with a slight numbing sensation around the bridge of my nose. Fear not; LG has thought about that, too, and has come to the party with an additional set of eyewear that is sure to please those with a similar affliction. Included in the box is a pair of frameless lenses, which are designed to slip over your existing prescription, with minimal weight and maximum style.

Six eyes

Looking good, six eyes!
(Credit: David Moffatt)

Flicker-free glasses

Yes, the glasses are flicker free. Unlike some other types of 3D-presentation technologies; the LG Cinema 3D glasses are not powered lenses, and do not flicker between left and right lens images to create the illusion of 3D. As a result, the viewing experience is not as headache inducing, and is more accommodating for prolonged 3D viewing.

Great Scott: it's in 3D!

Using the TriDef software, the option of 3D-movie playback extends itself to original 2D content. This allows for 2D movies to be enjoyed in varying degrees of 3D. For this test, I went relatively old school, and converted Back to the Future II to 3D. What was great about this function, like the photo-viewing application before, was that the depth of 3D could be controlled via the TriDef interface and could be used to calibrate the most appropriate 3D-viewing experience for the film. In terms of output quality, whilst it wasn't as good as 3D specific content, I would argue that the playback experience was enhanced by adding a degree of 3D-ness to it.

Wearing 3D Glasses Outside

Wearing 3D glasses outdoors may be hazardous to one's health.
(Credit: David Moffatt)


  • The glasses are significantly cheaper (not to mention replaceable, with the one you get from the movies), which means that you will probably have more glasses to offer to your friends on movie night
  • TriDef 3D movie was excellent in converting 2D films into differing degrees of 3D
  • Frameless glasses are a great bonus, and help reduce the weight of wear to framed pairs of glasses.


  • No glasses case — as the monitor only comes with two pairs, it may have been a good idea to include a glasses case for storage
  • Negotiating the TriDef system and using the monitor buttons can be cumbersome when viewing content in 3D
  • The frameless glasses clip tends to sit on the actual prescription lens itself, which can leave marks after using.
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