Lost on Apple Maps? Samsung has an app for that

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Samsung made marketing hay with the Galaxy S3 while the sun beat down on Apple.

It might be a case of playing the man and not the ball, but we had to admire the moxy of Samsung with its rather cheeky display on George Street in Sydney today.

While it might not be saying it directly, we're pretty darn confident that it's a bit of a dig at Apple's Maps misplacing Mildura and raising the ire of the Victorian police.

Samsung boasts its mapping app...
(Credit: Nic Healey/CNET)

...beside a rather lost looking four-wheel drive.
(Credit: Nic Healey/CNET)

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SethK posted a comment   

im from mildura :D


RichardE1 posted a comment   

This is brilliant. Much clever-er than some of the captioned memes that we usually see floating around on the internet.


natevancouver posted a comment   

Clever, but it shows the Navigon app rather than Google Maps. Navigon is a (very good) paid app that is also available on the iPhone.

Maybe they got Navigon to help pay for it. Or they avoid showing Google Maps because police in Victoria have just issued a warning for Google Maps similar to the Mildura warning that was issued for Apple Maps.


The Oracle posted a reply   

The Google issue you are referring to is an issue for ALL navigation apps and devices. That is the routing is not specific for heavy vehicles.

There are a few device that support heavy vehicles but the customisation of the data for heavy vehicles is still very limited and is usually only bridge heights, weight and length restrictions. The coverage areas are also limited.

Nav is not perfect, you don't pay enough to make it so. People need to open their eyes and use common sense.


Pabrinex posted a reply   

Navigon comes free pre-installed on Glalxy devices


Mordechai Carver posted a comment   

Apparently, Mr. Healey doesn't own an iPhone or else he'd been able to quickly take a panorama pic, which would have saved him taking two pictures to tell the story. :)

That said, I have to admit that Samsung is pretty crafty with their ads. This was a good one.


CameronB4 posted a reply   

Mustn't own an S3 either. You can take panoramic pics with the S3 as well.


CSerruto posted a reply   

Seriously? I've had panorama on my Note since I got it, and I presume it's been available on Android even before that. He took to picture to get different angles.


Im Batman posted a comment   

Nice tongue in cheek advert...
But even to a person unaware of the current developments, its effective enough i.e. educating them on navigation features.

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