Lucasfilm: no Star Wars prequels, we're 'rebooting the franchise'

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Lucasfilm is reportedly exploring new stories for subsequent Star Wars films after the poor box office of Episode I in 3D.

Expect none of these people in the new films.
(Credit: Lucasfilm)

When the news of new Star Wars films was announced, many fans thought that would mean a new run of prequels exploring the world that they've come to know, love and sometimes just tolerate. However, according to Deadline Hollywood, Lucasfilm is putting its foot down over prequels.

Apparently, Lucasfilm's promotional partners are saying that the Disney-owned studio wants to focus on three new Star Wars movie in an attempt to "reboot the franchise", although that seems to be a slightly different meaning to what most film reboots are today.

The decision comes in the wake of the extremely disappointing box office take for The Phantom Menace in 3D — just US$23 million in North America. Rather than further anger fans with what some see as a mercenary cash grab, it seems that the studio hopes to use the 2015 film — at this stage, still being directed by J J Abrams — to revitalise the world of Star Wars.

So no "Adventures of Young Han Solo", but it does suggest that fans of the so-called Expanded Universe might finally see a little love on film. Maybe it's time for the full saga of IG-88 to finally be told?

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