Lytro camera launches in Australia

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The light field camera that lets photographers refocus images after capture has finally become available in Australia.

(Credit: Lytro)

Lytro is an elongated square-shaped camera that uses a technique called light field photography to capture light from different directions. This allows the photo to be refocused on different subjects after the shot has been taken.

While the camera itself looks rather unorthodox, it features a constant f/2 lens, 8x optical zoom and simple controls for zoom, shutter button and power.

There are currently two configurations of the Lytro available, either an 8GB model in blue or graphite, and a 16GB model in red. Up to 350 photos can be stored on the 8GB model, retailing for AU$499, whereas the red version can capture up to 750 photos and will cost AU$599. Unfortunately, the local retail prices are $100 dearer than the US retail equivalent when buying from

Expect the Lytro to hit Australian retailers from 10 October. To find out more about the camera, head on over to CNET's Lytro review.

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Im Batman posted a comment   

Will have to make a journey in to the one store out here and have a little play


ZoranZ1 posted a comment   

I'm on the Lytro sites email list to get updates for when they plan to ship outside the US, don't get a peep from them, at least Cnet seems to know what's going on.

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