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The Lytro light-field camera now has even more features available for photographers, including perspective shift and creative filters.

Lytro allows users to refocus images after the shot has been taken. The light-field device has already added manual exposure control to its skill set this year, and it now has the capability to let photographers play with perspective in the dedicated Lytro software.

Perspective shift gives the viewer control over the camera's position after the shot has been taken. Effectively, when playing around with the living picture, you can move the image in any direction across any axis. It's a little like bullet time, except slightly less dramatic.

Due to the way in which the Lytro camera captures light, images are inherently 3D, which allows for the perspective-shift functionality. You can see an example of the feature in use in this video.

Click to play around with the image above.
(Credit: Lytro)

Also new for Lytro users are living filters, which include effects such as carnival, crayon and glass. These all work in conjunction with the refocusing and perspective-shift capabilities of the software. Photographers can export their images for sharing with the HTML5 viewer, though you will not be able to apply new filters from the web.

Photographers can try out both of the new features from 4 December as the update is rolled out to the Lytro software. Both the perspective-shift and filter functionalities will work on earlier images taken with the Lytro camera.

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