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Want to know whether the improvements in Mountain Lion are worth the upgrade? We've run through some of the most important updates in the screenshots below.

Mountain Lion is now available as an upgrade from the Mac App Store for AU$20.99, or as a free upgrade to users who bought an eligible Mac system after 11 June 2012.

Check out what CNET's Jason Parker has to say about Mountain Lion in his review.

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ADSLNerd posted a comment   

I have Lion, but I don't use iCloud / Reminders / Notes / Messages / and have no need for Notification centre as my emails are via Outlook, have no need and will never use dictation as I am a touch typer of 70 words per minute, don't use sharing as I remember all website links I use, and don't use AirPlay and would never use gamecentre as I play all my games on my PS Vita.

So where is the benefit? Its alright if you have multiple Apple devices, but I only have my MacBook Air and will get the new iPhone - so what's the benefit?


Rolloxan posted a comment   

I'm having an issue already with my rMBP and Mountain Lion. The rMBP won't recognise my 1.5tb USB3.0 portable HDD - where it always worked on my previous Macbook. It's formatted MS-DOS fat32 and just isn't even recognised by the rMBP. it will power on, start spinning, lights flash etc, but nothing comes up in the rMBP... despite its supposed USB3.0 support. Fail


eDDie posted a comment   

I'll have to try it out first. I'm using 10.6.8 because I didn't want to upgrade to the last version. That grey fabric patern wasn't customisable and the gestures were so different anddumbed down. It seems to take me longer to multi task when yusing that upgrade, so I'm hoping they fixed that issue here, but I love my 2345 finger gestures, not just 3!

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