MacBook Air 2010: photos

Apple's 2010 refresh of the MacBook Air includes two models, an 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch version.

Starting at AU$1199 and AU$1599 respectively for the base configurations, the new range is lighter and thinner than the previous version.

Our US colleagues at CNET got their hands on the new range.

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kannan posted a comment   

i want touch screen on both sides..instead of a physical keyboard on one side. Then i can use it as a computer or a real notebook :)


JP posted a comment   

The base model 11.6" air with 4gb of ram would compliment my 15"MBP and iPhone quite nicely.

Apple has managed to do it again haha.


MacUser posted a comment   

Pity there is no backlit keyboard, like on the MacBook Pro, plus the SSD inside is not a standard 2.5" SSD drive with a casing so not easily upgradable, and for only a couple of hundred more you can get an iMac or MacBook pro.


Mr T posted a reply   

Yes but you don't get portability with an iMac and the 13inch MBP is still relatively heavier than the MacBook air. People buying these are not looking for upgradeability, they're just looking for a simple mac that's light weight and portable.


J posted a comment   

Nice photos CNET AU! I so want one though I already have an awesome Alienware laptop and iPad. I still want one though, with the 13 inch with 256gb and 2.13 processor.

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