MacBook Pro line-up gets Haswell updates

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Apple has announced the MacBook Pro with Retina display range of laptops is available today with the latest Intel Haswell processors.

MacBook Pro with Retina gets the helping hand of Haswell.
(Credit: Apple)

Apple has updated its MacBook Pro with Retina display range of laptops with the latest Intel fourth-generation Core "Haswell" processors, bringing them into line with the wider range of Apple systems — after the MacBook Airs and iMacs were updated in recent months.

Apple has opted to start the 13-inch range with a 2.4GHz Core i5 (boosts to 2.9GHz) with 4GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD and Iris graphics. The 15-inch range starts with a 2.0GHz Core i7 (boosts to 3.2GHz) with 8GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD and Iris Pro graphics. The high-resolution displays give the 13-inch models a 2560x1600 resolution screen, while the 15-inch features 2880x1800.

Apple has kept a previous-generation Intel "Ivy Bridge"-powered low-end MacBook Pro option available without a Retina display.

The updates will be sold with the new Mavericks edition of OS X out of the box.

While prices dropped by US$200 for each entry model in the MacBook Pro with Retina display range, in Australia, prices stepped up significantly, particularly in the 15-inch range. The 13-inch models will start at AU$1599 and the 15 inch at AU$2499.

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Apple_JC posted a comment   

Can anyone explain why it is more expensive here in Australia when there was a touted price drop during the announcement today?

I'm looking at the rMBP 2012 (i5 2.5-3.1 GHz, 8 Gb RAM, 128 Gb SSD) and it costs AUD1494 at JB Hi Fi , whereas the new rMBP 2013 (i5 2.4-2.9, 4 Gb RAM, 128 GB SSD) costs AUD 1599 at the Apple store with a lower specs to boot !

I get the tax implications in Australia and the weaker Aussie dollar, but geez, with a USD 200 at least the prices could have been the same!

Australians should not be held ransom to Apple.


Sillke posted a comment   

The extra cost to Australians is nonsensical and frustrating. Apple must be making a mint off the strong Aussie dollar!

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