Mad Catz delivers 11 buttons of programmable glory with Cyborg X

Mad Catz has unveiled the latest in the company's line of PC flight sticks, the Cyborg X. While the new hardware showcases many new features, we're most impressed with the amount of customisation it offers.

(Credit: Mad Catz)

A total of of 11 buttons can be completely programmed (22 if you're holding down the shift button) allowing for complete control. Compatible with most air-combat and flight-simulation games, the Cyborg X should pacify even the most hardcore of PC gamers. As an added space-saving bonus, the Cyborg X can fold up for easy storage — a feature we've never seen before on a flight stick.

On the ergonomic front, the Cyborg X can adjust its height depending on your preference. No need for extra equipment, all the tools you'll need are embedded in the flight stick's base.

The Cyborg will be available in the coming weeks for US$50.

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