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There's nothing like playing with word art to make a presentation look more fun or bring a party invitation to life. Have you ever thought of making your own font?

Maybe a font based on your own handwriting? It's actually very easy, and free, thanks to

This website lets you download a template where you write out the alphabet, which you scan in and then upload the template for the service to convert each letter into a font, ready to be installed and used as you please.

Now, you can make that next party invite look handmade without having to put a pen in your hand at all.

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RoedyG posted a comment   

By coincidence, yesterday I researched how to convert handwriting to a font. I discovered quite a number of services, some free, most quite inexpensive. Unfortunately, only the most expensive one handles left and right single and double quotes. I posted my findings at

I also discovered all kinds of free and pay handwriting fonts of OTHER people's handwriting that will be more polished than the custom fonts.

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