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Last week, Google launched a new call-out service for Google Voice, noting that the service was only open to US residents at this time. However, with a simple tweak, Australians can use the service too and make free calls to the US and Canada for the next few months.

To use the service, Gmail users need to adjust their Language settings to "English (US)" if it is set to any of the other options. After this setting is changed you should see a "Call Phone" under your name in the Chat fragment on the left-hand side of the screen. Clicking on Call Phone will prompt you to download and install a browser plug-in, after which you should be ready to start making calls. People using Google Voice can call numbers in the US and Canada for free until the end of the year, and other international numbers have calling rates as low as US$0.02 per minute.

This backdoor will work for making calls through Google Voice, but it won't work for people hoping to receive calls through the service. This requires the user to set up a Google Voice calling number, an option not available to users outside of the US. If you need any help setting up the service, check out the video above from our colleagues at CNET US.

Simply change this language setting to "English - US".
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SandyH2 posted a comment   

Has anyone got any idea how I can fix my Google page wont even fire up giving me the biggest headache been down for weeks


TyB posted a comment   

No longer works.


Bassboussa posted a comment   

I know a way. go on facebook and look for Google voice USA numbers for aussies. They will give you a service that you pay AU$150 for a USA number for free calls and usa number that never expires and it works i know i use it to talk to my friend and she's in egypt and i'm in sydney so go get it. And they go thru paypal so u know it's safe and so far legal cause somehow they found a loophole.


Rushi posted a comment   

I want free call to Austrelia, how it working ?


preben posted a comment   

love it


abdi posted a comment   

i want free call how to in the oustraila


smok posted a reply   

looks like no way to make free call from australia. I even cant use google voice from my sweet htc magic, no idea why, seems absent of google number.

anyone know how to apply google voice number? I dont see any number in google voice account, weird.


john posted a comment   

i tried the workaround that was suggested

but it comes up with

that google voice not available in your country

i'm open to suggestions...


vic8man posted a comment   

I have a HTC Desire and Skype works fine for me - installed the app from the Market and while connected to my home wireless call to Venice, Italy was clear as a bell.


funkie posted a comment   

Why does add a misleading title? The calls are only free to the USA. Who would call the US from Australia anyway? Just reduces the credibility of the guys and makes me want to just go to CNET.COM.

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