Man jailed for rating sex performance on Facebook

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A Bendigo, Victoria, man has been jailed for a Facebook page that rates the sexual performance of women in his area.

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22-year-old David McRory was sentenced to four months under Part 10.6 of the Australian Criminal Code, Section 474.17: using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence; and publishing objectionable material online, reported ABC News.

It's not the first such case in Australia; earlier this year, Ravshan Usmanov was sentenced to six months house arrest for publishing naked photos of an ex-girlfriend on Facebook; in March 2011, Bradley Paul Hampson was sentenced to three years in prison for defacing the Facebook pages of two murdered children; and in 2010, Justine Jones received a suspended sentence for defacing the Facebook page of a murdered woman.

McRory's lawyer tried to plead stupidity rather than maliciousness, but the public outcry about the page and the potential damage done to the victims led the Bendigo Magistrates Court to make an example of the man.

Last week, McRory's accomplice, 22-year-old Joshua Turner, was handed a ban by the court from using Facebook for two years, as well as a suspended six-month sentence. Turner has appealed the ruling.

McRory has been released on bail, pending appeal.

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PhillipT posted a comment   

2 things should be noted here:

- The guy simply CREATED the page, he never rated the women.
- The original intentions of Facebook as sourced by Mark Zuckerberg himself was to do the EXACT SAME THING this man has done.

So essentially we are jailing people for thought-crimes now, simply for mirroring the intentions of the website he was posting on.

"Disgusting, nasty and deserving of a good dose of prison "culture". " - ROBIN

Are you seriously implying that this man be raped in prison for creating a Facebook page? Maybe the courts should lock you up next!


ozoneocean posted a comment   

A prison sentence is clearly over the top and more about sending a political message than having anything to do with the actual offence.
What the kid did was imbecilic and nasty, but a suspended sentence and criminal charges on his record would clearly be enough punishment, considering the amount of notoriety he has received as a result of this case, which would ironically obviously far exceed any unwanted attention his Facebook group bought to those mentioned on it.


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

Given the precedent set by previous cases, I think this will be the most likely outcome.


ROBIN posted a comment   

Disgusting, nasty and deserving of a good dose of prison "culture".

This sort of thing can lead to revenge and/or suicide. Also, who's to say these "reports" weren't fictional boasting (common to many low-life wanna-be's who have been turned down)?

Grow up guys! Try to improve your standards and become real men.


Whyusomadbro posted a reply   

let me guess you have a facebook profile? So in doing that you agree with what that site is about which like i said originally was to degrade women and compare them eventually to animals. Go watch the movie about Facebook and then see what your views are.


Whyusomadbro posted a comment   

This really has me confused, its ok for someone to make a website where you can compare the hotness of women (Facebook's main purpose) but its not ok to follow that said websites original intention?

I don't see Mark Zuckerberg being put on trial next to this guy and im pretty sure Mark is having a look at the rating aswell as having a chuckle thinking yeah i like that one.


DefconOne posted a comment   

Meanwhile in Queensland an 18y.o grub who was part of a gang that terroised a bus full of passengers by smashing it up and throwng iron bars through the windows (lucky not to kill someone) recieved 2 years probation in court. He had just been to court a few weeks prior for a Robbery offence and possession of a weapon in which he also recieved probation. No conviction was recorded for either offence.

What this guy did on Facebook is disgusting but the world has gone crazy when he is sent to jail and the above grub is let off.


GabrielM posted a comment   

Wow so I guess no freedom of speech in Australia. Not saying that it isn't crude but really for saying sexual performance rating. I wonder if the website "Hot or Not" will be responsible for many imprisoned men and women.

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