Marantz brings Consolette dock to Australia

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The high-end networked speaker dock from Marantz has hit Aussie stores for AU$1650.

(Credit: Marantz)

Marantz has been making high-end audio devices for 60 years now, and the Consolette is part of its anniversary celebrations.

With a design that takes cues from the original Audio Consolette for LP records, the dock is made of solid walnut, with its stereo speakers backed by twin 11cm woofers and six separate amps.

The walnut-panelled rear.
(Credit: Marantz)

The Consolette keeps the 30-pin connector for iOS devices, but also has AirPlay built in and can stream from any networked device, including NAS and Android.

Internet radio functionality and dedicated control apps for both iOS and Android round out the package.

The Marantz Consolette is in store now with the silver-white finish, with the silk-black arriving by autumn.

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booboosix40 posted a comment   

$1650 Oouch!!

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