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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Mario's adventures in fish land

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(Credit: jennyleighb)

Ever wanted to jazz up your boring old fish tank? This brilliant scene, posted to Reddit by the creator's housemate, is made out of Lego and plastic plumbing pipes (appropriately).

Creator Cedric Bearss constructed the elements, spray painted them white and added the pixellated colours over the top.

Why not one of the underwater levels? "The underwater levels just aren't as cool-looking, or as iconic," jennyleighb said.

Either way, it made our little nostalgic gamer hearts go pitty-pat, and we fully expect to see a plethora of imitations in the months ahead.

You can check out pictures of Bearss' progress here, and have a closer look at the aquarium in the video below.

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