Massive EA app sale: premium games at 99c

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From today until 9 July, EA is holding its semi-annual sale, with heavily discounted iOS games.

Mass Effect Infiltrator, usually AU$7.49, is down to AU$0.99. If you were waiting for a sale, now's your chance.
(Credit: EA)

It may be a 4 July sale, but Aussies can get in on the action, too. Most of the company's top titles are going for up to 90 per cent off, with prices set at AU$0.99 across the board.

There are some pretty great bargains in there, including:

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2, iPhone (AU$0.99), iPad (AU$0.99)

  • Burnout Crash, universal (AU$0.99)

  • Command & Conquer Red Alert, iPad (AU$0.99)

  • Dead Space, iPhone (AU$0.99), iPad (AU$0.99)

  • Dragon's Lair 2: Time Warp, universal (AU$0.99)

  • FIFA 12, iPhone (AU$0.99), iPad (AU$0.99)

  • Flight Control HD, iPad (AU$0.99)

  • Madden NFL 12, iPhone (AU$0.99), iPad (AU$12.99)

  • Mass Effect Infiltrator, universal (AU$0.99)

  • Max and the Magic Marker HD, iPad AU$0.99

  • Mirror's Edge, iPad (AU$0.99)

  • Monopoly, iPad (AU$0.99)

  • NBA Jam, iPad (AU$0.99)

  • Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, iPhone (AU$0.99), iPad (AU$0.99)

  • Real Racing 2, iPhone (AU$0.99), iPad (AU$0.99)

  • Scrabble, iPhone (AU$0.99), iPad (AU$0.99)

  • The Sims 3, iPhone (AU$0.99)

  • SimCity Deluxe, iPad (AU$0.99)

  • The Sims Medieval, iPhone (AU$0.99), iPad (AU$0.99)

  • Snood, iPad (AU$0.99)

  • Spy Mouse HD, iPad (Free)

  • Trivial Pursuit Master Edition, iPad (AU$0.99)

  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, iPad (AU$0.99)

You can check out the full selection of discounted titles at EA Mobile's Daily Deals website.

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No cheap android games makes me sad :'(

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