Mazda Furai brings Nagare closer to reality

For the past year, we've seen various Mazda concepts expressing the Nagare (flow) theme. At Detroit 2008, Mazda unveiled the latest in the series, the Furai.

Like the Ryuga and Hakaze, the Furai uses flow lines around the bonnet and in the side vents. However, unlike the recent Taiki concept, the wheels are mounted conventionally. Mazda says that the Furai is a study intended to bridge the gap between road and race cars.

The Furai is built on a chassis used in Mazda endurance racers, and uses a three-rotor rotary engine putting out 335kW, which should give this car an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The engine has been designed to run on ethanol blends all the way up to E100. While we would like to take a Furai down our favourite roads, the car is just a study; we still have to wait for a real Nagare car from Mazda.

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