McLaren's Paris concept a high-tech supercar

At next week's Paris Motor Show in Italy, McLaren Automotive will show off the P1 concept, a car that will do little to increase McLaren's model range. The P1 concept heralds a new production car to be launched next year.

McLaren will pull the wraps off its P1 concept at the Paris Motor Show next week.
(Credit: McLaren)

Just like its only current model, the MP4-12C, which comes in hard-top and convertible formats, the P1 is a two-seat, low slung hyper-sport car. Those in the market for a sedan or SUV should continue to look elsewhere.

McLaren released no details about the new concept, and merely said that it will slot in above the MP4-12C in the company's limited model line-up.

McLaren said that the production car based off the P1 will have higher performance than its current MP4-12C model.
(Credit: McLaren)

However, expect the P1 concept to use many of the construction techniques that McLaren employed on the MP4-12C, such as an aluminium tub and suspension pieces clad in carbon fibre panels. Engines for the MP4-12C come from Ricardo, an engineering company. As Ricardo maintains a major factory practically next door to the McLaren plant in Woking, UK, engines for the P1 will likely come from the same source.

As for design, the P1 shows a curvier body than the MP4-12C. The beltline dips down from the front fender, while the driver cell bubbles up in the centre. A single, large exhaust port is integrated with the rear panel of the P1, positioned up high, while diffusers mark the lower rear of the car.


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