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Double Robotics has created a presence robot based around the iPad's interface and controls. iPads not included.

(Credit: Double Robotics)

It's a bit like the iRobot from Ava Robotics, another telepresence robot that uses Apple's iPad, but Double Robotics' Double is available for pre-order now — for just US$1999.

The two-wheeled robotic stand holds one iPad, with another iPad controlling it via a Doubles app — moving it around and adjusting its height to eye level, whether the user is sitting or standing.

The mounted iPad's front-facing camera acts as the device's "eye", streaming everything the robot sees back to another Double, allowing people to communicate with each other remotely, much like Skype.

Potential applications, Double Robotics said, are numerous, with the robot designed to be used anywhere people might need to interact remotely — offices, school campuses, retail stores, hospitals, museums and galleries for guided tours and even at home, for families to communicate long-distance.

And it's relatively affordable, at a regular retail price of US$2499 (US$1999 is a pre-order special). The two iPads that are needed to use the device are not included, which could potentially almost double the price, but it's much more attainable than the US$9700 QB Robot from Anybots.

You can read more about Double and make a pre-order on the Double Robotics website.

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