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Have you been craving an extra heaped helping of mobile phone news and reviews?

Megaphone has landed. CNET Australia's latest video series is dedicated to everything mobile. We've covered the latest developments in mobile phones and we take a peek at the coolest upcoming handsets, plus we've mixed it up with a look back at the best and worst phones reviewed this month at

Reviews Wrap
Nokia 6210 Navigator
Palm Treo Pro
HP iPAQ 912

A star is born
Google's Android makes its debut

The fine print
What you need to know before you buy a Nokia 6210 Navigator

Borrowed music
Do subscription music services rock or do they suck?

Plus we let you in on how to win one of three Motorola MOTOROKR E8 music phones.

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Jonson posted a comment   

What does your megaphone mean?


mmci1525 posted a comment   

Its nice to see some home made Aussie video's. This is a really nice mobile wrap up.

Will you guys make it a vodcast?


burraga12 posted a comment   

hay,good work on the show!!!!! very help full and well done,i cant wait to see new ones in the future

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