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    Suna's traffic messaging service now in Sydney and Brisbane news


    Hey guys, for your audi's or mio's or garmins; well they all pretty much have sensis map software and unfort, most prob have r14 software which is not the most up to date map data and software avaliable. The R15 sensis map data may or may not have been made avaliable for your gps device. On another note, navteq maps are starting to look very complete and much more accurate and informative, especially in more remote area's. Navteq receive their map data updates from councils, and are linked with the state, territory and australian governments. For more accurate map data, i would sugguest the 08/09 navteq maps which Navman s series platinum and also laser navig8r PND's come with. And yes, the new navteq map data software does support TMC.

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