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I'm a dee dee dee sometimes. I'm a dork sometimes. I don't care. I'm just a layed back native Floridian raised in Philly, so I can be a Bitch when I wanna be. I'm just me! Ya don't like it, oh well. Blah!!! But really, I like 2 have fun partying with my friends, shopping at Walmart, hangin out at home watching movies or playing video games, games on facebook, the beach, crazy stuff I've never done before like skydiving...someday, & other adventurous stuff. I'm a tom-boy sometimes. I like action & horror movies, technology, etc. I don't own 200 pairs of shoes or a Prada bag or whatnot. I do like do my own hair & nails tho. I like 2 cook, etc. Anything else, just ask.


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