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I am a physics simulation programmer who is ambitious and determined to start my own company by generating revenue through the development of Android based mobile applications. My experience varies from rigorous mathematics and physics to higher level programming architectures. My specialties are algorithm and physics based optimization for the purpose of creating worlds which simulate life as well as gaming and even real world tactical applications. In short, I endeavor to make a real difference in the gaming and simulation world while enjoying each and every challenge and reward... Educational Background: ================================== Programming Primary Languages:C#, C++ and Java Web Based Programming ASP, PHP, CSS, HTML, SQL, VB Operating Systems Windows 95/98/2000, XP, 7, Mac OSX, Linux (Ubuntu), Android, iOS, MSDOS ================================== Mathematics Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, 3D Vector Calculus, Differential Equations, Advanced Linear Algebra, Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics ================================== Physics Mechanical Physics, Electromagnetics, Thermodynamics, Static and Dynamic Systems, Fluid Mechanics, Particle Systems ================================== Data Structures Arrays, Stacks, Link Lists, Hash Tables, Binary Search Trees, Red Black Trees, B-Trees, Binomial Heaps, Fibonacci Heaps, Disjoint Sets, Minimum Graphs, Directed Acyclic Graphis, Spanning Trees, Networks ================================== Algorithms Searching and Sorting Algorithms: Bubblesort, Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Insertion Sort Heapsort Data Analysis Algorithms Matrix Chain Multiplication, Longest Common Subsequence, Greedy Algorithms, Amortized Analysis, Dynamic Tables Graphing Algorithms Breadth-First-Search, Depth-First-Search, Topological Sort, Kruskal and Prim's Algorithm, Bellman-Ford Algorithm, Dijkstra's Algorithm, All Pairs Shortest Paths, Floyd-Warshall Algorithm, Johnson's Algorithm, Flow Networks, Ford-Fulkerson Method ================================== Artificial Intelligence AI Steering Behaviors: Seeking, Fleeing, Pusuing, Wandering, Evading, Interpose, Obstacle and Wall Avoidance, Path Following AI Group Behaviors: Cohesion, Separation, Alignment, Player and Team State Recognization ================================== Theoretical Computer Science( Machine Learning) Set Theory, Mathematical Induction, Recursive Relations, Directed Graphing,Context-Free Grammars, Parsing, Normal Forms(Lambda Rules), Deterministic Finite Automata, Regular Languages and Sets, Push Down Automata, Turing Machines, Chomsky Hierarchy, Decideability, Numeric Computation, Mu Recursive Functions, Computational Complexity, NP-Complete Problems, LL(k) / LR(k) Grammars ================================== ================================== Recently I've studied Android and iOS Operating Systems and are in the process of developing my own business, educational, and gaming apps. Once it takes off I will build my own company. If you are a company in L.A., San Diego, or Orange County area feel free to contact me with regards to program development.


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