Microsoft axes Digital Image Suite

Microsoft has decided to halt development of its Digital Image Suite line of consumer photo-editing software.

The company noted the change with a terse statement on its Web site. "Microsoft has discontinued its line of Digital Image Suite products," the software maker said. "Many of the digital imaging features and tools that have been enjoyed for years now can be found in new Microsoft titles and services including Windows Vista."

Windows Vista's built-in photo organising program does mirror some of the album features of Digital Image Suite, but offers few of the program's editing abilities. The move should be a bit of nice news for Adobe, whose Photoshop Elements now has a little less competition, though Microsoft is stepping further on Adobe's toes in plenty of other areas.

As for Digital Image Studio, Redmond says it will continue to sell the copies that are already in stores and will support the product through April 30, 2010.

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