Microsoft builds giant Xbox One

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Australia has the Big Merino, the Big Potato, the Big Pineapple and the Big Worm, to name just a handful. Now, Microsoft is getting Canada in on the action, with the Big Xbox One.

(Credit: Microsoft)

How big? Well, it's hard to tell without knowing the height of the people in the photo posted by the Xbox One in Canada blog (below), but if we assume them to be of average size, we'd say that Xbox One stands between 2.5 to 3 metres high.

It's been assembled in Vancouver as part of a campaign called One Source. Apparently, Canadian gamers can "pledge" their gamertags to "unlock" the Xbox.

We're not sure if the unlocking is metaphorical or whether the Xbox One will actually burst open when enough gamertags have been submitted — almost like some sort of console piñata — but according to the press release:

The Canadian Xbox Live community can power on and unlock incredible one-of-a-kind experiences and rewards by pledging their gamertags to the project known as One Source.

At the time of writing, One Source only had 19 per cent of the required gamertags, but we don't think finding enough gamers looking for free things will be an issue. It makes us curious if Microsoft Australia has anything planned in the final few weeks before launch day.

(Credit: Xbox One in Canada)

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