Microsoft: Kinect coming to Windows 1 Feb

Microsoft is leaning heavily on the Kinect to up its cool factor. So much so it plans on bringing the gaming peripheral to Windows on 1 February.

Microsoft's Kinect motion controller
(Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said there are more apps being created for the motion sensor, which originally debuted as a gaming peripheral and the Xbox 360's answer to the Nintendo Wii. Ballmer said the Kinect has sold 18 million units.

The Xbox and the Kinect are one of the few successful parts of Microsoft. The Kinect was a particularly hot item during the holiday season.

Microsoft initially positioned it as an accessory for the Xbox 360 and a response to the success of the Wii motion sensor. But in recent months, the company has positioned it as a hub for the entertainment centre, allowing you to control your media through voice and motion commands. Now, the company wants the Kinect to be the centre of everything, including how people use its PC operating system.

Microsoft held a demonstration of Sesame Street TV, part video and part game, and an illustration of the interactive capabilities that come from the Kinect.

The company is also in the midst of a transformation on the PC and mobile side with Windows Phone for smartphones, and Windows 8 for PCs and tablets.

Microsoft has said that the next milestone for Windows 8 will be in February, with the opening of its Windows Store for apps.


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