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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Microsoft lists 'App Store' as a Windows 8 feature

An App Store is officially among the features Microsoft is working to include in Windows 8, much like Apple's App Store for OS X.

The revelation, which confirmed months of rumours, came today from Microsoft president Steven Sinofsky in a Building Windows 8 blog titled "Introducing the team". Among a list of teams associated with building the forthcoming operating system was "App Store".

Sinofsky said that work on the new OS is organised by feature teams, of which there are about 35, each containing 25 to 40 developers.

"Many of the teams listed below describe features or areas that you are familiar with or that you can probably figure out based on the name," he said. "As we post more, team members will identify themselves as part of these teams."

Microsoft representatives did not immediately respond to a request for further comment.

Rumours and reports about an upcoming Windows app store have been around for more than a year. Based on a series of Windows 8 documents leaked June 2010, Microsoft has reportedly been eager to match Apple at its own game by offering its own dedicated app store.

The App Store appeared in demonstration of Windows 8 that Sinofsky gave at the All Things Digital D9 conference in late June. Included in the start-up menu tiles was a direct link to a Microsoft Store, which suggests Microsoft was working on its own version of an online application store, similar to the Mac App Store.

The company has also been working hard to keep Apple from winning a US trademark for the phrase App Store. The company argues the phrase is too generic to register and would restrict competitors' ability to use the term to describe their own services.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in May that the new OS would reach consumers in 2012, although the company later said Ballmer misspoke. In June, vice president Dan'l Lewin hinted that Windows 8 would launch during next year.

(Image credit: Microsoft)


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ekbg2002 posted a comment   

Help....I have a disability ie parkinsons and narcolepsy and a tablet would help me communicate, but am wondering if the Surface tablet would be best for me given I'm used to Windows etc.
Does anyone know if it has any accessability features?



JasonS5 posted a comment   

Alway's Rip from Apple Mac because their product seems better. Technology is still so **** in Windows 8 - they have foregone Windows Start button that kind of reminds me of why I should keep an investment in a Linux OS and why does Windows OS make nothing else but beautiful user interface? The OS is **** but Windows 8 is by far making computing to be easy as Mac - you can just not tell if Mac made the impression or if it's just the way the technological age is? Doesn't matter - MS will claim credit even though we all know it's been Apples' hard work. If you ask me - once all of this hype goes away over Apple's iPad we are going to have Windows 9 or 10 - after this phase will probably have something better from MS. Don't you just trust they use the best RIP?


CostaG posted a comment   

why always copy from Apple???


gregory.opera posted a reply   

Because you know, Apple is the ONLY company in the world that offers an application sotre...

Oh hang on, my Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY ("PlayStation phone") has an application store (the Android Market); my Sony PlayStation 3 and PSP (PlayStation Portable) have an application store (the PlayStation Store); my preferred browser (Opera) has an app store on certain handsets; Amazon has an app store for Android-powered devices; Research in Motion (RIM) has an app store for their BlackBerry devices - heck, Handango was offering an app store well over ten years ago, long before the iPod even existed!

But they all copied Apple, right?

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