Microsoft Office 2010: A look at what's new

Microsoft Office 2010 is available for business licences, with the public release coming in June, but we've had a chance to put the review copy through its paces. According to Microsoft, the focus of this major overhaul was on three things: to make work flow more efficient; to effectively use web applications to make your work available anywhere; and to make collaboration with others much easier.

Here's a collection of screenshots to demonstrate some of what's in store.

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Mitch posted a comment   

Its a pity Microsoft didn't ask the users of MS office what they want. No, not the geek users, the real users who toil away day after day, year after year, with MS office, doing real work.
If they had even bothered to ask, they would have discovered we are sick to death of having only the 3 colour schemes to use in Office.
To rub salt into the wound, MS have made those 3 colours even more drab & sickly in Office 2010. To top that off, the blue & grey colour schemes have such poor contrast that anyone with less than perfect eyesight is going to be struggling to even use them. The black theme might appeal to the doof-doof boys but not the average worker.

In summary, a good product spoiled by arrogant lack of respect and consideration for its users.


Damo posted a reply   

Hmmm, doesn't sound like you're a "real" user if you have time to play around with colour schemes... does it??


Paul posted a comment   

I find OpenOffice is a great alternative. It's free and works very well with GoogleDocs and Zoho. It's like my Offline Zoho or Google Docs. Very useful when the Internet is slow or not available. In fact, I find it has several features that 'online word processors' don't (& I'm not even a power user) ;)

I use the extension OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs (gdocs_2.2.0.oxt 2.2.0): This extension helps me upload to Google Docs or Zoho in just 2 clicks!

I also sometimes use Lotus Symphony which I find very helpful.

Savings really matters, especially in this economy.

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