Microsoft Pink project to be launched in Q3?

After we gained a little bit more knowledge about the mysterious Microsoft "Project Pink" story, another tidbit has come out today.

Microsoft Project Pink

Microsoft's Pink gadget? (Credit: Engadget)

While Microsoft has not commented or confirmed the code-name Pink gadget, CNET is reporting that it will be targeted towards younger audiences (teens and/or twenty-somethings?) — and it will be released in Q3. Doesn't that mean we should see an official announcement soon?

Supposedly different from any Windows Mobile 7 consumer handheld, it will also have a special emphasis on social networking and communication. Sounds about right for a youthful smartphone.

But it's seriously taking so long to get information about this unconfirmed product that it feels like we're pulling our own teeth out. I hope that Project Pink doesn't turn out to be the next Apple Tablet rumour mill. I'm a bit tired of this.


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Tom posted a comment   

It will be heaps better than a iPhone.


Timberwolf131 posted a comment   

If it was a Zune phone I would be pretty happy, but only if Winmo was ditched for Android (I know its unlikely)


Yoda7 posted a comment   

It will just be a Zune with a phone.

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