Microsoft readying Vista service pack

Microsoft is gearing up to begin testing the first service pack for Windows Vista, possibly as soon as next week, according to reports.

The company will issue a test version of Vista SP1 to a limited group of testers during the week of July 16, according to Mary Jo Foley over at our sister site ZDNet.

The service pack, which is expected to ship in November, will include performance tweaks to speed up Vista shutdown and lessen the time it takes to copy files, among other fixes.

Microsoft has not yet commented on the reports.

If the company does commence SP1 testing next week, it will be much earlier than expected. Microsoft had earlier hinted that it would not begin testing the service pack until late this year.

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of course Microsoft will release SP1 earlier than expected. Why? Because many people , corps and other organisations have stated they won't upgrade to Vista until the first Service Pack arrives.
Just another marketing strategy to help Vista sell.
Vista still blows!!!

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