Microsoft releases Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7

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The Kinect for Windows Software Developer's Kit (SDK) 1.7, including the Fusion 3D-scanning API, is now available for download.

Kinect for Windows Fusion.
(Credit: Microsoft)

What Microsoft is calling the most significant update to its Kinect for Windows SDK is now available for developers.

The Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7 has two key features: Kinect Interactions and Kinect Fusion.

Kinect Interactions is a toolkit that allows developers to use more specific gesture control based on natural movements and gestures, such as push to press buttons and grip to pan. A two-handed zoo, which is not included in the SDK, can be created with it, allowing for two-person interactions.

It's more of a business tool. Microsoft said, "With Kinect Interactions, businesses can more quickly develop customised, differentiated solutions that address important business needs and attract, engage and delight their customers."

Kinect Fusion, on the other hand, allows users to use the Kinect for Windows sensor to scan a 3D object, and create a 3D render in real time. These renders have many potential applications; we've already seen it used as a tool for visualising the human brain.

It could also be used to print 3D "photographs", and Microsoft said it could be used for augmented-reality (AR) applications, body scanning for clothes shopping and interior and industrial design.

The SDK also includes:

  • OpenCV and MATLAB Samples to allow developers to build advanced Kinect-enabled applications while using industry standards

  • Kinect for Windows Code Samples on CodePlex, marking the first time that select Kinect for Windows code samples will be available through an open-source resource, enabling existing and potential partners to explore and develop new scenarios.

Developers can grab the SDK from Microsoft's website here.

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