Microsoft releases Skype 1.0 for Windows Phone

The new free Skype app works on Wi-Fi and 3G, and runs on Windows Phone 7.5 devices and higher.

(Credit: Skype)

Version 1.0 of Skype for Windows Phone is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, as reported by

The 6MB free Skype for Windows Phone app runs on Windows Phone 7.5 devices and higher. It works over Wi-Fi and 3G. Version 1.0 replaces the beta of the app, which Microsoft rolled out at the end of February.

WPCentral noted that the 1.0 release adds the ability to search for and add new contacts and call landlines. However, it does not allow background calling, meaning that the app will only allow someone to call if the user has Skype open and is in the app.

Microsoft is expected to more tightly integrate Skype with the Windows Phone 8 operating system release. However, according to early leaks, Skype will still remain a standalone app by the time Windows Phone 8 debuts, which is expected to be before the end of calendar 2012.

There are already Skype for iPhone, Skype for Android and Skype for BlackBerry apps available.

WPCentral also noted that the 2.0 version of Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud-storage app for Windows Phone is also now in the Windows Phone Marketplace, too. Microsoft's SkyDrive team recently added ODF document support and URL shortening, among a few other features, to SkyDrive.


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