Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Microsoft's subtly updated tablet feels more like Surface Pro 1.5, with improved battery life and better accessories that make it a worthwhile laptop replacement, but it's still not an iPad killer.

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  • JoeF2


    "I find that CNET is biased of the surface pro 2. Not sure given that this machine is way ahead of the pack. Rating should of been at least a 9. Glad a did not take there opinion seriously when a pu..."

  • Techind


    "I was shocked to know that surface pro 2 is not available in INDIA, then how mSFT beats semi apples and naked googles"

  • MattS4


    "I think it is a bit silly to compare the Surface to the iPad, seriously.

    The honest truth is, my laptop broke down about a year ago, and I got along extremely fine with a Surface RT, I..."

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