Microsoft teases next-gen Xbox announcement

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In an email to Xbox Live subscribers, Microsoft advised readers to tune in for a next generation announcement on 22 May.

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Thanks to a leak given to The Verge earlier this month, we already had an inkling that the next-gen Xbox, code-named Durango, would be announced next month.

Now, in an email to Xbox Live subscribers, Microsoft has confirmed that the announcement will be occurring on 22 May at 3am AEST. The email is pretty explicit, saying: "A new generation revealed."

The event, according to The Verge's sources, was originally scheduled to be held in April, but was postponed. The actual system itself, which includes technology that extends the gaming environment beyond the screen, creating a sort of holodeck with the Kinect, is reportedly due to be officially shown at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in June.

To tune into the live announcement at 3am AEST on Wednesday, 22 May, visit the Australian Xbox website.

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