Microsoft to end Windows Phone 7.8 and 8 support in 2014

Microsoft has put an end date on its support for Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8.

(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)

The company's support page lists both operating systems and says that Windows Phone 7.8 will be supported through to 9 September 2014, while Windows Phone 8 will receive support through to 8 July, 2014.

The difference is based on Microsoft's life cycle start date and its decision to support platforms for 18 months. Microsoft has pegged the Windows Phone 8 start date at 14 December, and Windows Phone 7.8 at 9 February.

Windows Phone 8 is the latest and most featured-packed version of Windows Phone. Windows Phone 7.8 was the option Microsoft offered to former Windows Phone 7 owners who didn't want to buy a new device. There's no clear upgrade path to Windows Phone 8 from Windows Phone 7, so Windows Phone 7.8 provides some, but not all, of the features in Microsoft's operating system.

That Microsoft is ending support for its latest operating systems next year isn't all that surprising. The mobile space is driven by rapid operating system updates. Apple, for example, launches a new version of iOS each year. And since most consumers update their devices every two years, needing to keep operating systems updated for several years doesn't make much sense.


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RajeevM posted a comment   

Hello sir/Madam i bought HTC Motaxart T8698windows phone(now updated to 7.8) handset performance, app performance is so nice no problem in that but its annoying when I want to download a single app it will say "attention required. Tap here" (I download youtube videos from this handset at greater speed but apps not downloading properly.)Please suggest me is there any app download manager is there to download app or can we externally download this apps? We are much satisfied with Microsoft product but not in this windows phone. Please help me to resolve this issue

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