Microsoft to unveil WM online services?

(Credit: Microsoft)

Neowin has gotten wind of some information indicating that Microsoft will be announcing a range of services codenamed SkyBox, SkyLine and SkyMarket.

These will supposedly allow Windows Mobile (WM) phones to have greater online integration so that more of the users' data can exist in the "cloud", so to speak. Think of it as Apple's MobileMe on the Windows Mobile platform.

SkyBox and SkyLine are used to sync phones to an online server. Items like email, contacts, SMS and calendar can all be backed up using these services. The difference between the two services sees the former aimed at consumers and the latter for small businesses.

SkyMarket is the codename for the WM applications marketplace. This is similar to Apple's App Store and, if rolled out, should make it much easier for users to find third-party programs for their devices.

Supposedly, all these will be unveiled at the Barcelona-based Mobile World Congress in February along with an updated version of its mobile operating system, WM 6.5. It won't be long before we find out if there's any truth to these rumours.

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RichardM1 posted a comment   

Once again Microsoft plays catch up. Innovation?


xaviertidus posted a comment   

First! YAY
This sounds really cool, i will be getting it when it comes out.

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