Microsoft wants all your backups on OneDrive

Microsoft wants OneDrive to be the service that has you covered for backing up all your mobile phone data, regardless of OS.

CNET spoke with Chris Jones, vice president of Microsoft's OS services group, about OneDrive. Whether you're using an Android phone on a Mac, or an iPhone with a Windows PC, OneDrive is designed to have your data stored in the cloud and readily switchable between multiple devices.

It'll be interesting to see whether OneCloud marks the return of Microsoft's ubiquity in the way we deal with computers and data. Cloud backup and support for all your devices is certainly a good start.

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PeterG8 posted a comment   

but you can not use one drive as a backup if your pc is running win 8.1. one drive actually asks if you want to remove any pcs run win 8.1 from your account. great backup system. lets hope the April patch fixes the problem.
The big question, why didnt Microsoft get its act into gear and make the i
one Drive work from day 1? Is it another example where many Aust govt software just does not work properly on IE 11.
Why should Microsoft be surprised at the take up of its latest software, when the software is not compatible?


mholko posted a reply   

This is not true. One Drive is embedded in Windows 8.1
You can drag files to One Drive directly in Windows Explorer (essentially backing up those files to OD) What you are talking about removing computers with 8.1 is an old feature that has been dropped with Windows 8. On Win7 you could use SkyDrive via the web to view files on a remote PC attached to Sky Drive. They've done away with it as SkyDrive is about cloud storage and not remote PC storage. No patch is going to fix what MS deliberately took out.

IE11 was available for around 6 month in BETA. Plenty of time for websites to test it out and make changes if required. Most sites that don't work will work OK with the compatibility option anyway.


Shannon.Roberts posted a comment   

One Drive on the Iphone at the moment, looks like you can only backup photos , not the actual phone ?, i cant see how this can be done on iPhone when you need Itunes to actually back the physical phone itself ?

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