Microsoft Windows 8: an early photo tour

Microsoft lent out Windows 8 tablets to attendees at the end of the Build conference preview yesterday. Come with us as we have a look at the software giant's newest opus.

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Science.TNT 05 posted a comment   

Windows 8is not going to have flash player!?


Will1505 posted a comment   

do we know how much hard drive space it will take up and also if we can switch it back to look like windows 7?


SteveG1 posted a reply   

Yes, you can switch it back to the normal desktop with task bar etc. Flicking between the two UIs should take no longer than opening explorer.

Also, according to the article on the US version of CNET if you are running a dual monitor setup you can have one interface on each monitor. I think it'll be great to have emails and feeds updated on tiles on one screen with a normal desktop on the other.


BrianC5 posted a comment   

Just downloaded the Windows 8 dev preview. Will test it on my old Toshiba netbook and see how it goes. It would be quite amazing be able to run it on old ATOM CPU. Like the fact that I can use HTML5 to build native apps for Windows and Windows Phone.

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