Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft makes an aggressive, forward-thinking and bold statement for the future of PCs with Windows 8, and the vast security and speed improvements more than justify the US$40 upgrade price.

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  • jaccardi77



    "Hate it, arrogant Microsoft ship the next OS for touch screens without a Desktop version so if you bought a desktop without a touch screen that's all you get.

    They will fix some of the..."

  • hennypenny



    "Windows 8 is definitely not easy for the older newbie and perhaps not even for the younger one - so thanks to the reviewer below who suggested that if you found W8 difficult, to reach for the re..."

  • LiamD2



    "I love almost everything about windows 8. The fast boot up speeds, the traditional desktop mode, the app store and the fresh paint app.
    I use the desktop mode most of the time because the ne..."

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