Microsoft Windows 'Threshold' to be Windows 9, due 2015

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Microsoft is expected to reveal details of Windows 9 at its Build conference in April this year, with an expected release in April 2015.

Windows 8.1: Still not cutting the mustard for mainstream users.
(Credit: Sarah Mitroff/CNET)

Windows SuperSite's Paul Thurrott has indicated that Microsoft's Windows 'Threshold' project is expected to become officially known as Windows 9 for a release in April 2015, according to Thurrott's insider sources.

The rapid shift toward Windows 9 will cast Windows 8 in a Vista-like light, with Microsoft accepting that the enforced default of its Modern/Metro user interface was a critical part of its failure. Instead of encouraging more rapid adoption and computer purchase cycles it instead drove users to stick with their older desktops and laptops while shifting more attention toward Android and Apple tablets and smartphones.

Thurrott expects Microsoft to reveal more details at its Build conference, to be held in San Francisco in April, but there is no expectation alpha build access will arrive at the same time.

Apart from becoming the base of Windows 9, the Windows 'Threshold' project is also about delivering more unification between Windows desktop, Windows Phone and Xbox platforms.

According to Thurrott, 'Threshold' will also see the arrival of a 'Metro 2.0' update, including a likely ability to run applications in a windowed mode from a more traditional desktop interface.

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gregory.opera posted a comment   

Meh.I use Ubuntu almost exclusively these days, in fact quite literally the only thing keeping Windows on my computer is Nitro PDF (there nothing equivalent for Ubuntu in functionality) and Daz 3D... Games I'd reluctantly live without (I have Sony PlayStation products for that!), but I need a reliable portable document format tool, and I use Daz 3D heavily (Blender is far more capable, professional standard even, but extremely difficult to use).

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