Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback: possibly fast, still very homely

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Paris Motor Show 2008 With Subaru launching a sedan version of its Impreza, it's not surprising that Mitsubishi now has a hatchback version of the Lancer.

Mitsubishi launched its current Lancer range — including the turned-up-to-11 Evolution — in sedan form. Arch-rival Subaru, however, returned fire in Australia with its hatchback-only Impreza. A year or so on, with Subaru having brought a sedan version of the Impreza down under, there's now a hatchback version of the Lancer on the horizon.

In Ralliart or Evolution trim it'll be crazily fast. Good thing too because, like the Impreza hatch, it's an awkward looking object.

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phanni posted a comment   

so fords are supposed to be good?????
dont make me laugh


jerico posted a comment   

It's no ford!!

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