Mobile phone buyers' guides

  • Best big-screen smartphones

    Best big-screen smartphones

    Looking for a smartphone with a serious slab of screen? These are some of the best phones on offer with displays over 4.5 inches. 4

  • Best Android smartphones

    Best Android smartphones

    Google's Android OS has become the dominant smartphone platform in the world. With so many to choose from, which Android phone is right for you? 78

  • Best Bluetooth speakers

    Best Bluetooth speakers

    Looking for a good portable speaker that'll connect to your devices via Bluetooth? Here are a few that we'd recommend.

  • Best prepaid phones

    Best prepaid phones

    With some serious power now available for just a few hundred dollars it's an amazing time for those looking to buy a new phone outright. 9

  • Best iPhone alternatives

    Best iPhone alternatives

    Looking for a killer alternative to the iPhone? Well, look no further: these are our picks for some of the best non-Apple smartphones. 106

  • Best tablets

    Best tablets

    Looking for a tablet? You're not alone. Here are the best models in the market right now. 13

  • Best budget smartphones

    Best budget smartphones

    If you're looking for a cheap phone, whether prepaid or cheap on a small cap plan, here's some of the best phones to check out. 24

  • Top-rated products of October 2012

    Top-rated products of October 2012

    What products made it to the top of the testing heap last month? We cut to the chase with this round-up of the highest-rating products we reviewed in October.

  • Best Optus smartphones

    Best Optus smartphones

    Optus customers, look no further. This is the ultimate guide to the handsets on offer from the dudes with the zoo. 5

  • The best (and worst) Android tablets

    The best (and worst) Android tablets

    For better or worse, there are now over a dozen Android tablets available to buy in Australia. We take you through our favourites, and those that have failed to impress. 7

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