Modu phone

We can appreciate the genius in the Modu concept, but the reality of this concept is half-baked at best.

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  • DavidB19


    "I don't know about you guys, I got a totally different modu, in fact now that I look at it it's called modu T and I'm guessing the T means touch because mine got a 3" size touch screen kind of like..."

  • Nad


    "I am useing a modu. It's great! Fits in my jeans perfectly. The reception, sound and the battery are within the forwarded specs. I use it as a weekend or function phone and has the regular phone fo..."

  • Schleumale



    "The size counts! And in this case, the smaller the better. However 100 hours standby is much to low in order to be usable. After two calls you may be left with a couple of hours in standby and thre..."

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