Monster Beats by Dr Dre Pro headphones

The Monster Beats by Dr Dre Pro Headphones are built to last, and they'll deliver a high-quality, dance-ready mix wherever you happen to be.

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Having conquered the portable market with offerings such as the Jamz, Monster has now set its sights on the DJs and producers of the world, with a bigger and badder (and pricier) pair of headphones — the Monster Beats by Dr Dre Pro. At AU$699 you're not paying solely for the performance of the headphones but also for the combination of durability, build, style and name.

The first impression is of the sheer size and heft of the headphones. They feel quite heavy on the head, and maybe not ideal for the casual user. The oversized look will certainly turn a few heads, and note that indulging in too much head-bopping will give the Pros enough momentum to slide off your ears.

The build quality is solid — these will stand up to a few knocks and tosses on the couch, or on the floor — they feel extremely durable. The large padded headband attaches to adjustable brushed aluminium sides, ending with full-size ear cups that rotate upwards for storage or for live monitoring. Each ear cup is rounded and padded in a leather-like material that is exceptionally cushy, and includes an input/output port. The ear cushions can be removed for washing, which is handy given white leather will stain quite easily. Black leather is also available as an option.

The Beats Pro uses a single red audio cord cable with a secured connector that locks into place on the bottom of each ear cup and can be used on either side. The unused port then becomes a second output for hooking up another set of headphones and "daisy-chaining" the sound from the Pros to the second set for communal listening. We found daisy-chaining other headphones to the Beats Pro decreases the sound level a bit on the Pros themselves, but not to the point where it dramatically hinders performance. Two sound sources, besides headphones, can also be plugged into the Pros — one into each ear cup — if, for whatever reason, the need to listen to two songs simultaneously comes up. The possibility for amateur mixing may fit somewhere in there, but most DJs use mixers with cue channels for this.

The cable cord is thick and rubberised with a coiled section, giving some extra extension if you need to be an extra foot, or two, away from your music source for a moment. It does take some conditioning to get them to stretch further out, without stopping short, when you first get them out of the box, as the cable is initially coiled very tightly.

Even with an adjustable headband, the Beats Pro are a tight fight on the ears and can cause some discomfort after an hour or so of continuous use. You may find you need to shift the headphones so the cups surround your ears rather than sit on them. Like most headphones you can bend the top part so they don't squash down as much.

We tried the Pros with both mixers, hi-fi equipment and portable players and found that they worked fine with the majority of sources of players we used. Only the pint-sized iPod Shuffle wasn't able to muster the oomph needed to power these headphones.

In use, the bass is booming; no disappointments there. From what we'd expect, the genres that really shine are electronic (dub, drum and bass), dance, hard rock and hip-hop. Strong kick drums and wandering bass lines were always prominent and delivered a proper thump. The lows are great, the mids are clear and the highs are crisp without being tinny.

Other genres were also very good for the most part, and while the bass doesn't dominate as much as you'd expect they aren't as neutral as a proper pair of "hi-fi" headphones — such as the comparatively priced Sennheiser HD 600.

If you have a weaker-powered system you may find that the bass can overpower the highs and mids, making the overall sound muddled and messy, but we noticed no such issues on the majority of players.

The Beats Pro offer a reasonable amount of sound isolation in heavily trafficked environments (public transport, for example), and the headphones don't leak much in the way of sound, so they are suited to office listening.

The headphones are sold in both black and white versions, and each is bundled with a cleaning cloth (although the headphones are basically smudge-proof), and a threaded 1/4-inch gold-plated adapter — which is tethered to the 1.8-metre cable to avoid being lost.

Although the price is relatively high for the casual consumer, it is consistent with how much professional DJs spend on headphones. At the same time, these headphones probably won't satisfy the hard-core audiophiles who demand uncoloured, accurate sound. For faithful, accurate, natural response in your headphones, you need to look elsewhere. What they do offer, however, is a massive amount of swagger. We see these headphones satisfying aspiring DJs or anyone with a good deal of spare cash who really enjoys blasting the wax out of their ears.


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ChaelA posted a comment   

Waste of good money, sounds normal and low qualities. Absolute rip off. Do yourself a favour and never even think of buy those junks.


"Simply Incredible..."

Kostie100 posted a review   

The Good:An amazing overall headphone, fantastic sound quality, durability and feel.

The Bad:Nothing really, maybe a tad overpriced. (maybe $50)

An amazing overall headphone that is built to last (contrary to popular belief on beats). The pro's support an amazing line out feature which allows one to connect another pair of headphones to the other headphone jack not being used (the pros have a jack on both the right and left ear). The build is unbelievable (all metal and leather) and just feels like they wont break very easily at all. No smudges on them as well :) The pro's also come with a nice case to store them.

Now to sound quality... The bass is ridiculously good and marginally better than the bass of the studio's. The mid's and highs are very crisp and the instrument separation is also amazing - each and every instrument can be distinguished despite the fact that the instruments are playing over each other in most songs.

These beats are not just for bass, they are the complete package. The vast improvement in the mids and highs when compared to the studios is what makes these headphones stand out and be worth their price and more (unlike the studios IMO). The differnce between the studios and the pros are massive yet the pro's are only $100 more! 10/10


lijin posted a comment   

I wear my beats everywhere. I had a pair of solos and they were amazing, the following year I had to step up to the big boys. Studios are comfortable and you are able to wear them for HOURS without your ears getting to hot or hurting. Love the bass and love the clear sound. Bed for hip-hop and dubstep. Mostly things with strong bass is fine with the oline store. Buying batteries all the time so get rechargeables. Other than that bust headphones out there.


MilanL posted a comment   

Did anyone else notice he had a fake...?
Beats by Dr Dre but no TM symbol... Cnet, buy the real thing


WardenS posted a comment   

So.... people are spending $700 on a pair of headphones to listen to compressed music files on their MP3 player/iPhone etc???



Steynv posted a reply   

I put 320Kbps AAC files on my iPhone.. I have never used my dre's with mp3 quality audio, period.
And I use them to mix and monitor (not with my phone obviously), as well as in-flight and every night before I go to sleep, heck, I use them more than my phone..

Don't assume everyone who buys beats by dre's is an idiot, I use to think that, and now I feel very ashamed because back then I let my opinion on the dre's be influenced by all these idiots using them, which was ruining the brand for everyone else.. Let that go, I love em so much now.. :)


"Fantastic but overpriced."

Rhodesie posted a review   

The Good:Spectacular sound, Clean and Crisp Highs, Mids and Lows, Spectacular Noise Isolation

The Bad:Overpriced

A Beautiful piece of audio engineering at a monstrous price tag. However you do get what you pay for. And what you pay for is, Amazing sound, The BEST build quality on the market and the most stylish headphones around. I am using these with an ASUS Xonar Essence STX soundcard to get the best sound out of them ( and trust me when i say the best sound. Beautiful, Crisp, Clean, Clear sounds with will give you goose bumps when listing to a truly magnificent song. Dont listen to all the hate these headphones get just because some people cant afford them, They are spectacular. However they do not come without problems. The main concern with mine are that they get quite hot after 6hrs usage.

Ricky Bobby

"Not good value for $$"

Ricky Bobby posted a review   

The Good:Build Quality, Styling

The Bad:Seriously lacking Mids and Lows, What you get for the price

I've spent literally THOUSANDS of $$ in the last 5 or so years looking for something that satisfies me in the H/P department, and I have to be honest, these didn't even come close.

First off, you cannot deny the build quality. Fantastic. Stylish, functional, what you'd expect for the price tag. As for the sound, yes, it is VERY clear and crisp, but lows and mids are seriously lacking. Even with a FiiO E11 headphone amp. They are there, but they feel...muted, or even restricted. I was more impressed with the Audio Technica ATH-M50 (AUD$400), or even Sony's MDR-V700(AUD$300). I used both of these for Listening to music (Hardcore,dubstep,hip hop, R'n'B, Metal, the works) and even run them through my amp while playing guitar. Really good all rounders. The Pro's on the other hand, as soon as I started using them, I couldn't stop thinking about how much they cost me for what I was hearing.

Do yourself a favor, jump on the forums and you'll find something for you regardless of what you listen to or use them for, for half, maybe even quarter the price. A hefty price tag DOES NOT guarantee satisfaction...


"Long review read only if you really really love and want to know about the headphones! Though there quite amazing alittle heavy and abit to warm but honestly not that bad but pricy :S"

bishbish32 posted a review   

The Good:Amzing bass, sound quality, stylish and just really cool !

The Bad:Nothing as of yet but had them for one day. Umm i think that maybe they are alil bit heavy and that they cup your ears but you feel that they warm your ears more than which leads you to pull off occassionalyanything like i think people exaggerate a far bit to much there not that bad and exspensive !

Look i genuinely i like them and ive been waiting for them for about 3 months so eagerly awaiting more like it. There amazing in my opinion like i was not disappointed when i plugged them into my ipod and several others. They have good bass and good sound quality and really there not that uncomfortable like people exaggerate far to much they just warm up your ears a fair bit which leads you to pull them of every once in a while. I got the white and there quite stylish. Look i understand there expensive but i know that occasionally sells them for like 450 or something which is like 200 hundred dollars off which is not that bad. I think there good I watch alot of movies, tv shows and listen to music. All the sound is crystal clear but keep in mind that all our music is not from cds which can alter the sound alil bit but the sound is good for nearly everything ! unless the song you have is been remixed and played around with to much. Oh and there quite amazing in a DJ set :D, umm the flip up is useless in my opinion its not worth doing, umm daisy chaining is quite cool and will come in handy. The carry case is quite silly come on $700 deserves a hard case ! ! !!. But overall there amazing headphones and give good music and they have very good instrument separation but please people play with the EQ (Equalizer) it makes a different with different types of music. Like the first song i listened to was Billie Jean and had it on pop and it was just insane the instruments and the bass were amazing. Two last things they leak alittle bit but you just cant do anything about that unless you put your music down which lets face you wont want to with these babies and with my computer when im not playing any music i found there was a tiny bit of sound in the background from the headphones but i plugged them into another computer and didnt have this problem so i guess its just mine. But also make your first song count make it something that you absolutely love.

So i hope this review helped alittle bit with anyone who is looking to but them there insane headphones and i promise you when your friends try them they will envy you and wish they had a pair to !. I hope my review


"Beware of Counterfeits!!!"

defresh posted a comment   

BEWARE COUNTERFEITS!!!! Check out the side tab on the Monster Beats home page, it will explain that these headphones have been heavily counterfeited and sold at drastically reduced prices (see eBay plethora of other pirate sites).

The Monster Beats website has a guide to purchasing authentic headphones, and those who bought them for drastically reduced prices, with no warranty, serial number, or without the original box are likely to have a fake pair. The fake pairs are manufactured with very average materials, and not to the same specifications as the proper Beats Pro, hence why your cable may have broken or sound quality is poor etc.

Anyway, check this site out to learn more, and don't spend your money on fakes!


"Broken Cable in 2 months"

obfereday posted a review   

The Good:Sound quality is great

The Bad:Not Built to last.. or maybe I got a lemon

I like the sound, it is my first pair of good headphones and I wanted to make sure i was going to get something that was good quality.

My cable has broken at the plug and it is hanging out. I can only hear in my right ear. It happened when I pulled it out of the my iPhone socket.

All the reviews say its built to last. In my case I disagree, I have used mine but not everyday, for the last two months. Those crappy aeroplane headphones have longer lasting plugs!

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  • ChaelA


    "Waste of good money, sounds normal and low qualities. Absolute rip off. Do yourself a favour and never even think of buy those junks."

  • Kostie100



    "An amazing overall headphone that is built to last (contrary to popular belief on beats). The pro's support an amazing line out feature which allows one to connect another pair of headphones to the..."

  • lijin


    "I wear my beats everywhere. I had a pair of solos and they were amazing, the following year I had to step up to the big boys. Studios are comfortable and you are able to wear them for HOURS without..."

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