Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio

The Beats by Dr Dre Studio headphones deliver the trifecta of sleek design, useful features and top-notch sound quality. If you can afford them, they're a worthy investment toward an improved listening experience.

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It's not always easy to get excited about a pair of headphones at first glance. Generally, it is the listening experience that draws people in. But with its sweet-looking and sleek design, the AU$499 Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio headphones is both a treat for the eyes and the ears. For audio enthusiasts who are tired of the same old look, the Beats Studio headphones are a must.


The Monster Beats may not be all about style, but you wouldn't know that just by looking at them. If you wear these headphones in public, you will turn heads. The thick and padded glossy black headband descends seamlessly into the circles that hold each ear-cup, which are oblong and padded in a leatherette material that is obscenely cushy. They also swivel slightly in their supports in order to provide a comfortable fit.

Closer inspection of the headband discloses a seam on each side where it expands, revealing the metal support band within. This same metal accents the inside of the headband and rings thinly around each earpiece, which also features deep red accents. The outside of the ear-cups also have a metallic disc containing a red "b" (the one on the right will mute your music when pressed). The overall effect is a sleek and stylish design that is not ostentatious. However, the padding on the band is a bit stiff and may take some breaking in to be truly comfy.


In addition to the Beats Studio by Dr Dre headphones, Monster includes a variety of accessories in the slick, red packaging. There are two ultra-thick 3.5mm audio cables — one red for standard MP3 players and one black with a built-in mic and ControlTalk remote for iPhones and iPods — each measuring 4 feet long. You also get a dual-pronged aeroplane adapter and a quarter-inch adapter for use with your home audio system, as well as a hard-shell carrying case with a carabiner attached. In addition, the Beats Studio come with a cleaning cloth, and you'll need it: these headphones are highly smudge-prone. Since the headphones are noise-cancelling (activated via a switch on the right earcup) and need power to work, it is a good thing that AAA batteries are included in the set.


But beyond eye-catching appearance, a good pair of headphones should also shine when it comes to its audio quality. Offering an exceptionally crisp response, we can honestly say that the Beats Studio nicely passes the "good headphone" test. Maybe we're pigeon-holing here, but we expected Dr Dre's headphones to be excessively heavy on the low-end. That's not to say there's no bass — it does thump — but these headphones are nicely warm and balanced in the mids and truly impressive in their delivery of high-end detail. At no point did we suffer through the muddiness that can ail bass-heavy headphones.

The genres that really shine are electronic, dance, pop, hard rock and hip-hop. But for the most part, the headphones enhance the listening experience of other genres as well. No matter what the music, be forewarned that these headphones have a fair amount of sound leakage, so your listening experience won't be entirely private. We are happy to report, however, that the Beats Studio headphones don't suffer from the noise cancellation module rattle of their predecessors. Overall, these provide a fantastically comfortable and enjoyable listening experience.


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lkorosh23 posted a comment   

this sound very powerfull I LOVE THAT


lijin posted a comment   

They are by far the best headphones I've ever used. It comes with a great case and two cables (one for mobiles). The downside is that they do leak sound on occasion, and can irritate people (especially when on public transport). The price is a little extreme, but only in online stores. I bought mine online (eBay) for a AU$149.


AndrewG5 posted a reply   

If you bought them for $149 new off eBay, they are almost certainly fake.



beatsaregood posted a review   

The Good:bad

The Bad:get it!

Tis great


aricawj posted a comment   

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"Overpriced and overhyped."

audiofreak posted a review   

The Good:Good looking, mediocre isolation. Good Customer service.

The Bad:Over bloated bass. Not the way it should sound.

I got these for about $300 and it's one of the worst purchases I've made.

Build quality:
I baby these headphones but the paint starts to wear off after a few weeks. Also, the build quality is rather flimsy.

Sound quality:
Not worth $300, $100 the most. It doesn't sound the way it should be. The bass has a lot of quantity but not quality. It bleeds into the mids and the details are poor for a $300 headphone. If you see its frequency graph, it's one of the worst looking graphs for a high fidelity headphone (hint: it's not hi-fi).

These days, the majority of music listeners care only about bass. Bass that rattles and overwhelm everything. Music is not all about bass. This is the analogy: Beats is like a woman with huge boobs and a pretty face but she does not have pretty eyes, hair, etc. Everything is just centred on the looks and bass without a single focus on sound quality. Sound quality is okay but it is the benchmark of a $100 pair. Highly overpriced and overhyped.

I'm not an audiophile. I'm just someone trying to hear what the producers want us to hear.

Look elsewhere if you're looking for a good SQ. If it's just for fashion, then I recommend them for you.

Enjoy the music folks! Peace.


Don0508 posted a review   

The Good:Easy To Use, Good Looking, Clear Sound, Powerful Bass, Good price.

The Bad:Build Quality Isn't Great, Cracking Noises, Sound Leakage.

I normally use these headphone with my High - End Walkman, which has superior sound quality to iPods.

The sound these Beats produce are excellent, with very powerful and clear Highs and Lows. The bass is very deep and strong.

I use these headphones for many purposes, listening at home, riding on my dad's convertible and while walking on the street. They work well just about everywhere and normally attracts a lot of attention in public places (I have a White Beats Studio, which is more attractive than the Black ones).

The bad things are that the plastic sometomes make a lot of cracking noises, which can be annoying and it feels rather fragile even though it is actually strong.

Although these headphones aren't as good as my Bose QuietComfort 3 headphones, especially in the Noise Cancelling, Comfort and Sound Accuracy Factors, the Beats By Dr. Dre Studio headphones are still a very solid pair of good headphones with a lot of style. I would recommend these headphones to everyone.


Dulsara posted a review   

The Good:Awesome b****

The Bad:that clackety plastic

so far the best headphones I've had. Costs too much in Australia, buy for $320 at American Apple Store.


SteveMoraigne posted a comment   

Got these from Harvey Norman in Melbourne CBD for $399...but wish i had the cash to buy the Beats Pro h/phones ($799 rrp but they were doing 15% off all h/phones = $679)
Best headphones I've EVER had!!


gp26 posted a review   

The Good:Great Sound

The Bad:Sound Leakage

They are by far the best headphones I've ever used. It comes with a great case and two cables (one for mobiles). The downside is that they do leak sound on occasion, and can irritate people (especially when on public transport). The price is a little extreme, but only in Australian retail stores. I bought mine online (eBay) for a AU$170.

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  • lkorosh23


    "this sound very powerfull I LOVE THAT"

  • lijin


    "They are by far the best headphones I've ever used. It comes with a great case and two cables (one for mobiles). The downside is that they do leak sound on occasion, and can irritate people (especi..."

  • beatsaregood



    "Tis great"

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