More iPhone 5 parts leak, compare thickness to 4S

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Apple's next iPhone appears to be noticeably thinner than its predecessor, based on newly leaked photos.

A purportedly assembled version of Apple's next iPhone (left) next to the iPhone 4S (right).
(Credit: iResq)

If leaks are true, a feature that Apple is sure to tout on its next smartphone is its thickness. But just how will Apple's latest compare with the iPhones of yore?

We got some idea of that from French blog, which stacked it up against an iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS in photos last week. Last week, online repair site iResQ, which has provided numerous photos of what it says are pre-release components, had a fully assembled iPhone 5 (minus a few pieces) pictured right next to an iPhone 4S.

Three of the four side-by-side shots show a definitive difference in thickness, while a fourth shows the taller design on the sixth-generation model. All told, the difference ends up being about the thickness of one entire side of glass from the iPhone 4S, iResQ claimed.

"Here is an easy way to imagine the thickness of the iPhone 5: remove the glass backplate from your iPhone 4/4S, and there you go," the site said (pro tip: you could use your imagination or just look at the photo above).

Diminishing thickness continues to be one of the many specs that smartphone makers thump in an increasingly competitive market. Apple's iPhone 4 held the title of slimmest smartphone, but was knocked off by Huawei's Ascend P1S, then the Oppo Finder, and then the ZTE Athena.

The photos are just the latest in a series that show off the next iPhone, inside and out. More recently, there was a video of what was said to be a fully-assembled prototype being turned on, but not loading up to the iPhone's home screen, followed up by a separate video, that got just one step beyond that.


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trebor83 posted a comment   

I'm still hoping Apple have Trolling us all for the last 6 month with these leaks and they are going to unveil something totally unlike what we have seen up until now (aka something good) later this week.

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