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With just hours to go until the Sony event in New York, more rumoured details have emerged about the PlayStation 4 (PS4), including that it will be out in November and can be controlled by your phone.

What's next for the PlayStation?
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The PS4 will be on sale by November 2013, according to a source speaking to Kotaku. The site has previously dealt with this same source, and according to the article, they've proven to be reliable.

The source states that the Sony PlayStation 4 will be available in two different models, possibly retailing for US$429 and US$529. The PS4 will also be able to be controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

Sony will also be adopting a similar model to the Xbox, with the console requiring a premium subscription to access "most of the features".

The source also provided some new images of the PS4 controller, which can be seen on the original article.

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ClaudioM posted a comment   

Yea, my phone would TOTALLY make the standard controller obsolete...



SimonT2 posted a comment   

wowsers .....

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