More screens can make you more productive

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Are you still staring at only a single computer monitor at work? Just one? Here's a nice argument to help you expand your desktop horizons.

There have been a few studies over the past decade looking at the benefits of multiple monitors instead of using just one screen. In all studies, the results point to anywhere from 9 per cent to 35 per cent to 50 per cent improvements in productivity for general office-type tasks. By splitting tasks across screens — like web or office applications on one, and email and chat on the other — you can often feel like you're on top of much more of your daily routine than you would be on a single screen.

On the other hand, multiple screens can make your life feel less focused. So be careful what you wish for! But if you've never even considered the idea before, then it's well worth considering adding a second or even a third monitor to your desk to freshen up your desktop productivity.

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