Morgan's zero emissions, zero-chance-of-production LifeCar

Niche British carmaker Morgan has unveiled a concept fuel cell car, the LifeCar, capable of 1.6L/100km at this year's Geneva Auto Show.

Morgan's LifeCar on show at Geneva (top) and a rendering of it on the road (bottom)

Hydrogen fuel cell projects are usually only the realm of global automakers such as General Motors, Ford, and Honda, with enormous R&D budgets and a few thousand spare engineers. Boutique British carmaker Morgan is bucking the trend, however, with the unveiling of its LifeCar fuel-cell vehicle in Geneva.

The car is powered by four electric motor/generators, which in turn are driven by electricity from a four-stack hydrogen PEM fuel cell provided by QinetiQ, a British defense technology company. Morgan claims that the LifeCar differentiates itself from other fuel-cell cars through improved efficiencies: the fuel cell is designed to meet cruising speed engine demand, while the car's regenerative braking system is apparently up to five times more efficient at converting energy into electricity, thanks to the use of ultra-capacitors. According to Morgan, the LifeCar gets an equivalent of 1.6L/100km, a maximum range of 400km, and has a top speed of between 130km/h and 135km/h. If it could make it to 140km/h, it could probably go back in time as well.

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