Most beautiful monitors

Monitors have a tendency to be fairly plain objects, but every now and then a vendor goes out of its way to bring design to the fore.

Unfortunately the extra material costs involved usually ratchet up the price, leaving the vendor to sacrifice performance or features to keep it affordable.

While usually we'd point to the relatively austere Dell UltraSharp U2410 or 2209WA for top level performance and affordable price, if you need something a little more ... beautiful for your decor, here's our favourite monitors for the aesthete within.

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Nic posted a comment   

BenQ have come a long way, there monitors bost both quality and looks.

This is coming from someone who heads the monitor "department" at a computer warehouse. I usually decide to stock samsung, LG, Asus and BenQ and I must say Asus come out on the bottom and I find LG and BenQ to win in display quality however Samsung wins on build quality, just my opinion.

Typing this from my BenQ =]


MM posted a comment   

I find it odd that they showed the Glass Dell monitor on the pic promoting the article, but it didn't make the cut.


Jimmy posted a comment   

I think people like value over looks of the monitor they just want a good display.


mick posted a comment   

I agree with the sentiment.

I recently bought a Dell Zino over the Mac Mini because the mini has no HDMI output.

Most of the time Mac gets it right but its time they joined the HDMI input standard.


JY posted a comment   


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