Motorola Defy

If you've smashed an iPhone or dropped a Droid in the dunny, then you're probably in the market for a Defy, an Android smartphone with some great features and a protective rugged chassis.

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  • ukuser



    "pros: difficult to break

    cons: you really do want to break it

    Why? I hear you say. Well here goes:

    1. The phone constantly crashes and then rest..."

  • itasjim



    "Frequently freezes up, and at the most frustrating times, like when someone calls you and you swipe to answer and crap - freeze. Not good for a phone. Also reqularly freezes up after a charge.

  • Bretteffect



    "The touch screen often just ignores any touch whatsoever, then at other times, despite having the in-pocket auto lock on, it decides to do its own thing and party at my expense.
    Software seem..."

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